Dreams and Visions with Rabbi Jamie Kotler

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“Rabbi Hisda said:  A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that has not been opened.”
Babylonian Talmud, Berachot 55a

What is the meaning of a dream?  From time immemorial civilizations have been intrigued and bewildered by dreams.  Where do dreams come from; are they a sign from God, or simply a reflection of our own hopes and anxieties; do they offer a peephole into the future, or provide an alternate interpretation of the past?

We will examine several dreams and visions in Tanach, studying the language carefully, comparing the dreams of Abimelech, Jacob and Joseph.  We will try to “open the letters” sent in dreams, to gain some understanding of the function of these dreams in Tanach.  We will also study rabbinic texts, examining the ways in which the dreams have been understood by our tradition, and how we might understand them differently today.

About Rabbi Jamie Kotler: Searching for a “Unitary Theory of Life” started me down the path of Torah study in my middle years.  Roads that emerged from my formal education (Brown Univ., BA, Biology, 1979; Stanford Univ.,MBA 1985; Rabbinical School of Hebrew College, 2016) twined around lessons learned in life, in marriage, and in motherhood (three sons, all fledged).  My rabbinate has also been significantly shaped by other sustaining interests: a dedicated volunteer in Boston’s Jewish community; lover of Israel; enthusiast of the outdoors; ardent genealogist; a knower of exile, having grown up in Brazil and Mexico as the daughter of Holocaust survivors; an avid reader; a passionate cook, gardener, and knitter.  The study of Torah has provided the loom upon which all these strands of life are woven together into a coherent, beautiful whole.  I am deeply grateful to be a returnee, to be on this path, which contains all the others.
I am energized by the prospect of re-visioning the fullness of our tradition in a way that speaks to the needs of today’s world.  My goal is to open the door to Torah for other spiritual seekers, enabling them find a meaningful entry point into the richness of Judaism.

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