Honeymoon Israel is a Jewish organization that provides trips to Israel for couples with at least one Jewish partner. Each trip includes 20 diverse couples from the same city—couples with one Jewish partner, couples where both partners were born Jewish and couples where one partner is converted/Jew-by-choice. Honeymoon Israel is a completely inclusive organization—we welcome Jewish/Jewish, interfaith and LGBTQ couples.

Our vision is that every committed couple with at least one Jewish partner will possess the basic knowledge, inspiration, support system and sense of belonging to build a family with meaningful connections to Jewish life and the Jewish people, thereby enhancing and strengthening the Jewish community.

“There seemed to be a considerable effort in allowing us to make this trip whatever we wanted it to be…the soft touch made us feel much more open to enjoying what the trip had to offer if for no other reason than we didn’t feel like there was an overt agenda behind it. The trip isn’t just about Israel or Judaism, it is about young Jewish community.”
HMI Couple