A network of today’s rising Jewish and foreign policy young professionals committed to advancing a pragmatic conversation in support of a two-state solution.

What We Do:

Elevate the Discourse

Advancing a pragmatic conversation on Israel through educational resources, OneTable Shabbat dinners and opinion pieces written by IPF Atidniks.

Mobilize Communal Support

Recruiting invested individuals through Israel Policy Forum programs, digital content and new communal partnerships.

Commit to Project Channels

Creating positive impact on the ground with Israeli and Palestinian millennial counterparts through project-specific programs and content.


Join a Regional Steering Committee

Become involved in building a local community of diverse, informed young professionals.

Host OneTable Shabbat Dinners and Salons

Invite those in your network to your home or nearby restaurant for an informed discussion of your choosing.

Apply for the Charles Bronfman Conveners Summit

Join our new community of leaders who develop personal IPF Atid projects within their own communities.