Our Vision

As a congregational family, Temple Shalom is committed to making each person feel welcome and at home. We do this in a personal way by getting to know each member of our community, one at a time, and in doing so help everyone find a place in Temple Shalom’s dynamic and supportive Jewish community.

Our Values

We participate together in the religious, educational and communal life of our congregation as we live the values of:

  • Lifelong learning (Torah lishmah)
  • Enriching spirituality (kedushah)
  • Building community (kehillah)
  • Repairing the world (tikkun olam)
  • Deepening our relationship with Israel (klal Yisrael)
  • Sustaining Jewish continuity (brit olam)

Our Community

Life at Temple Shalom is rich in organizations from youth group to Bonim, a group for the plus-55 set, that support you in the cycle of life. Volunteer committees work on specific tasks and areas in support of the Temple, such as social action, religious practices and music.

We welcome you to join us for worship and to become a member of our Temple Shalom family.