The Temple Shalom Nursery School is affiliated with Temple Shalom of Newton. Established in 1973, the nursery school welcomes children of both Temple Shalom members and the general community.

Our school serves children 1.6-5 years old. The school carries the honor of being the first school in Massachusetts certified as a Nature Explore Program. Educators at the Temple Shalom Nursery school are committed to providing children with stimulating hands-on experiences based on the natural environment. We are incredibly proud of the educational program we have created for you and your children.

Our educators take pride in creating an inclusive school culture. We interpret Inclusion at our Nursery School broadly: we strive to meet the diverse needs of young learners, welcome interfaith and non-Jewish families, and support parents and children by honoring their ethnicity, race, gender orientation, and cultural or religious affiliation. Our practices demonstrate that the values of pluralism and inclusion are deeply rooted in Jewish history and culture.  As a result, even families not raising their children in the Jewish tradition find our School a welcoming place where they feel at home.

 Hours are 7:45 a.m.-5:30 p.m.