Who doesn’t love doughnuts? And Hanukkah, the holiday of all things fried, celebrates them. Traditional jelly doughnuts, called sufganiyot, are stuffed with strawberry jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar—they’re delicious, albeit a little predictable. Since doughnuts are a versatile food, try upping your sufganiyot game with a new recipe this year. (Gluten-free, vegan and baked options included!)

Bakery Style Peanut Butter and Jelly Donuts

Bakery Style Peanut Butter and Jelly
(Photo: Baker by Nature)

Transform the best sandwich ever into warm, gooey goodness. Pick your favorite jelly and get stuffing!

Malted Chocolate Divine Filled Donut

(Photo: Jamie Geller)

OMG. This is a chocoholic’s dream. Chocolate pastry cream, chocolate glaze and chocolate-covered malted milk balls take sufganiyot to new, decadent heights.

Baked Strawberry Glazed Sufganiyot

(Photo: Camille Styles)

Douse these gluten-free, vegan, baked donuts in as much strawberry glaze as you want!

Lemon Amaretto Sufganiyot

Lemon Amaretto Dennis Prescott
(Photo: Dennis Prescott/Food & Wine)

Elevate traditional strawberry jam-stuffed sufganiyot with lemon zest and almond liqueur.

Onion Jam Sufganiyot With Za’atar, Sumac and Yogurt Powder

Onion Jam
(Photo: Molly Yeh)

If you, like us, have neither heard of nor have yogurt powder, you can use the cheesy powder packet in a box of mac and cheese. These buttery, garlicky sufganiyot are worth going against your better judgement here. Trust us.

Sufganiyot (Jelly Donut) Cake

(Photo: Food52)

Go big or go home with this brioche-like cake stuffed with raspberry whipped cream.

Strawberry Margarita Cream Filled Donuts

(Photo: Half Baked Harvest)

While traveling might be out of the cards right now, transport your tastebuds to a beach on a tropical island. These doughnuts have strawberry margarita pastry cream and frosting, a lime glaze and plenty of tequila.

Roquefort and Cinnamon Doughnuts With White Chocolate and Cognac Jelly

Roquefort Cinnamon Donuts
(Photo: Great British Chefs)

Also known as the “King of Cheeses” in France, Roquefort, a sheep’s milk blue cheese, is smartly paired with deep cognac flavors and silky white chocolate. Weird? Maybe. Indulgent? Definitely. These crispy, cinnamon-coated stuffed doughnuts are sophistication at its finest.

Easy Applesauce Drop Doughnuts With Caramel Glaze

(Photo: Host the Toast)

With pumpkin pie spice and applesauce, these easy, fall-flavored doughnuts can help make any winter night a little more cozy.

Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Doughnuts

(Photo: Handle the Heat)

Made with fluffy dough and filled with sweet cream cheese, these baked treats are coated in cinnamon and sugar and topped with a dollop (or two) of raspberry jam.

Vanilla Bean Sufganiyot With Halva, Cookie Butter, Praline and Chocolate Variations

Vanilla Bean Sufganiyot With Halva, Cookie Butter, Praline and Chocolate Variations
(Photo: Gather A Table)

Did your jaw drop like ours did? Click for these creative combinations.

Easy Sufganiyot Dippers

Easy Sufganiyot Dippers_5850
(Photo: Amy Kritzer Becker)

Go from pantry to plate in just half an hour! Sprinkle these quick sufganiyot in powdered sugar and dunk them in your favorite sauce. Bam!