Break out your spiralizer and spike some applesauce because these creative latke recipes will make you question everything you know about this traditional Hanukkah fare.

Persimmon Latkes

persimmon latkes pancakes
(Photo: Three Little Halves)

Perhaps one of the most underrated fruits, the persimmon is beautiful, delicate and apparently a solid addition to latkes. Cumin and nutmeg round out the flavor profile of this surprising dish.

Latke Sliders With BBQ Chicken & Pomegranate Coleslaw

(Photo: Kosher in the Kitchen)

Start by making mini latkes. Then top them with barbecue chicken. Add pomegranate coleslaw. The end. It’s easy!

Easy Cheddar-Rosemary Spiralized Potato Pancakes

(Photo: Inspiralized)

Say no to your standard box grater and yes to your spiralizer! Hanukkah is the perfect time to use it, not just when you’re in the mood for zoodles.

Latkes Nachos With Homemade Queso

(Photo: What Jew Wanna Eat)

This variation on a classic app is just right.

Brussels Sprouts Latkes With Balsamic Dijon Sour Cream

(Photo: my name is yeh)

Brussels sprouts are delicious when prepared the right way (roasted!) and probably fried. Make these. We will.

Ricotta Latkes

(Photo: Food Network)

ICYMI, this recipe is from Alton Brown. Proceed with eagerness and enjoy deliciousness. (Don’t let the long prep time deter you! It’s just for wrapping the ricotta in cheesecloth to drain in the fridge overnight.)

Plantain Latkes With Avocado Crema

(Photo: The Nosher)

Plantain chips in pancake form. What more could you want?

Rainbow Latkes

(Photo: What Jew Wanna Eat)

Taste the rainbow with beet-and-red-onion latkes with cranberry sauce; sweet potato-carrot latkes with apricot jam; yellow squash, corn and cheddar latkes with a fried egg; zucchini latkes with avocado and cilantro; and purple cauliflower latkes with blueberry applesauce.

Baked Latkes

(Photo: Healthy Recipes Blog)

Crispy on the outside. Juicy on the inside. Better for your arteries. Delicious all around.

Beet Latkes With Dill Crème Fraîche

(Photo: At the Immigrant’s Table)

They’re like fried borscht. But, you know, not.

Japanese-Style Latkes

(Photo: The Nosher)

You can add whatever vegetables you want to this riff on Japanese okonomiyaki.

Sweet Potato Latkes With Spiked Applesauce

(Photo: Connoisseurus Veg)

There’s brandy in the applesauce. Enough said.