You’ve already got the applesauce and sour cream covered. Maybe you’ve even chopped up some scallions and mixed together some cinnamon and sugar. But what do you serve with latkes that’s more substantial than a garnish? Here are some ideas.

Roasted Beet and Red Onion Salad

This bright salad will add color to your table, and the sweetness of the beets and bite of the onions are a good complement to the earthiness of the latkes.

Beet salad
Photo: Tori Avey

Lentil and Walnut Salad

We’ve already espoused the virtues of coupling latkes with lentil soup. If you’re not in the mood for soup, this lentil salad, which can be made vegetarian, is as good a pairing.

Lentil salad
Photo: The Jewish Hostess

Carrot Soup with Tahini and Crisped Chickpeas

Just imagine eating spoonfuls of creamy carrot soup—supplemented by lemon-tahini dollop and crispy chickpeas—between bites of crunchy, lacey-edged latkes.

Carrot soup
Photo: Smitten Kitchen

Silan, Lemon and Mustard Salmon

Date syrup (or honey, if you prefer) serves as the foundation of this marinade and lacquers the salmon with a sweet-salty glaze as it cooks.

Photo: Daniel Lailah for The Forward

Roast Chicken with Carrots and Apples

Any roast chicken will go great with latkes. With apple pieces cooked along with the chicken, this recipe shares some of the same flavors as the applesauce already on your table.

Photo: Rachel Vanni for Tasting Table