“Hukkat” (fiber art) by Anita Rabino-Goldman (Courtesy image)

Anita Rabinoff-Goldman


Anita Rabinoff-Goldman is a fiber artist and CJP grantee.

“This piece is a visual eulogy to Miriam, reflecting some of the events in her life that impacted the lives of Moses and the Israelites. Jewish women can represent Miriam by standing strong against hatred and fear, nourishing others, speaking truth to power and, when the time is right, dancing and celebrating.”

“Hukkat” by Anita Rabinoff-Goldman (Photo: Hornick/Rivlin Studio)
Anita Rabinoff-Goldman (Courtesy photo)

Anita Rabinoff-Goldman is a fiber artist whose quilts and Judaic fiber arts have been exhibited and collected throughout the U.S. During a year-long study of the Torah, she produced “Seeing Torah,” a collection of 54 visual responses to each of the weekly portions, which will be exhibited at Hebrew College during the fall of 2021.

She has recently been expanding her work through the media of paint, printmaking, and drawing. A native New Yorker, Anita recently moved to the Boston area.

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How does your connection to Jewish community influence your art?

My identity as a member of the Jewish community is so strong that I think that identity is part of everything I do. Whether it’s Judaic in nature or not, my values and priorities infuse my work without it being a conscious effort.

Finish this thought: In order to create, I need…

Physical space, emotional space, time to think, and time to work.

What’s your next artistic project or challenge?

My next artistic challenge is to develop new skills in printmaking and painting.

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