Last week, I compiled a highly opinionated list of my family’s favorite bagel shops in the Boston area. You weren’t shy about feedback. Clearly, bagels are a highly divisive topic! As such, I just had to share additional picks from readers. Here are five more excellent bagel places that, thanks to you, are now on my list.


Off the Beaten Path: New York Bagel Co.

This choice comes from an enthusiastic reader who emailed, “May I suggest that you try New York Bagel in Dartmouth if you happen to be in this area? Although well off the beaten path (60 miles south of the epicenter of JewishBoston), with an ambiance that is unimpressive, its bagels are excellent. Indeed, our son and daughter-in-law, who live in Newton, stock up whenever they visit us. To support our bona fides as judges of bagels, my wife (originally from Dorchester) and I grew up in Brookline—indeed, our very first date was at Jack and Marion’s—and remained in the Boston area for our respective careers, after which we retired to the south coast of Massachusetts.” Can’t argue with that!

272 State Road, Dartmouth, 508-990-3350,

Strictly Kosher: Life’s A Bagel

Life’s A Bagel
Life’s A Bagel (Courtesy photo)

A reader in Randolph was miffed not to see his favorite spot, Life’s A Bagel, on the list. This fully kosher spot, which is also cash only, is great for the basics—egg bagels earn plenty of praise, as does the lox. Bagels are big and spongey, if that’s your jam.

29 Washington St., Canton, 781-830-9900

Fan Favorite: Bagel World Bakery & Deli

Bagel World Bakery & Deli
Bagel World Bakery & Deli (Courtesy photo)

Apparently this was a big North Shore omission—a “straight-up shanda,” opined one miffed carb connoisseur. I’ve never been, but I’m intrigued by the bagel energy bar. “It’s a big, chewier bagel. I lived in Brooklyn and New York City for six years, so that’s always been my comparison. These were the first bagels that I felt compared,” says another fan. Several outposts (Reading, Peabody, Salem) add a layer of convenience.

Various locations,

Dairy-Free Dining: Bagels’ Best

Bagels’ Best
Bagels’ Best (Courtesy photo)

Visitors appreciate the dairy-free chive Tofutti spread—but the traditional cream cheeses are pretty fun, too, including avocado onion, chocolate chip and Sriracha. Another reason to visit? Smoothies, ranging from frozen Oreo to banana split.

113 Chapel St., Needham, 781-433-0003

Icons: Katz Bagel Bakery

Katz Bagel Bakery
Katz Bagel Bakery (Courtesy photo)

Last, but not least, this Chelsea institution has been around for almost 90 years, serving boiled bagels to a legion of loyal followers who especially love their signature crispy, volcanic-looking pizza bagel.

139 Park St., Chelsea, 617-884-9739,