Did you know that much of Judaism’s calendar cycle, rituals and practices grew from ancient Israel’s agricultural rhythms? As Jews in New England, we can sometimes feel disconnected from those seasonal patterns (lookin’ at you, Tu BiShvat in January!). Luckily, Leora Mallach, co-founder and executive director of Beantown Jewish Gardens, is here to give us all the dirt on Judaism’s ecological backstory.

Leora Mallach
Leora Mallach (Courtesy photo)

Beantown Jewish Gardens builds Jewish community through experiential education rooted in Jewish text, tradition and culture, breathing new life into Jewish practices by connecting Jews to the agricultural and food traditions of our people. Mallach joins Miriam and special guest co-host Jesse Ulrich of Pod4Good to discuss the work of this unique organization. Learn how Beantown Jewish Gardens launched its Jewish Volunteer Gardening Brigade during the pandemic, how Shabbat and sacred rest underpins Jewish environmentalism, the importance of sustainable farming and food justice, and how you can get involved right here in the Greater Boston Jewish community.

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The Jewish Volunteer Gardening Brigade on a Sukkot garden visit (Photo: Leora Mallach)
The Jewish Volunteer Gardening Brigade on a Sukkot garden visit last year (Photo: Leora Mallach)

Produced by Miriam Anzovin and edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.