As a Jewish podcast, it’s only natural we want to be BFFs with other Jewish podcasts. After all, we’re a small corner of the podcast universe, and us Jewish podcasters need to stick together!

On this episode, we welcome local rabbis Jen Gubitz and Jodie Gordon, co-hosts of the new podcast “OMfG: Jewish Wisdom for Unprecedented Times,” a project that came into being from text message exchanges of ideas, fears and humor during the darkest moments of the pandemic. Their new podcast—whose title means exactly what you think it does—is lovingly irreverent, rooting our human experiences today in the story of Jewish peoplehood throughout history.

Torah in a Stroller
Rabbi Jen Gubitz and the Torah in a stroller (Courtesy image)

Join us for hot Torah takes on subversive female characters, overthinking what we would have worn at Mount Sinai, the realization that the pit from “Parks and Recreation” is the best metaphor for life, celebrating Judaism in all of its beauty and weirdness, the importance of swearing for clergy and, why, if you happen to notice someone pushing a stroller in which there is a Torah scroll wearing a onesie, you should try not to stare.

Read “The Millennial Parsha: Balak” parody Torah mentioned by Miriam in the episode.

Produced by Miriam Anzovin and edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.