If you have yet to pick your jaw up from the floor after watching “Shtisel” Season 3, you’re not alone. Join a completely verklempt Miriam and Dan for a spoiler-filled recap with special guest Dr. Shayna Weiss, associate director of the Shusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University, and an expert in Israeli culture and entertainment (and definitive “Shtisel” authority!).

Dr. Shayna Weiss
Dr. Shayna Weiss (Courtesy photo)

We deconstruct the entire season, from the shocking premiere plot twist a la “The Sixth Sense” to the emotional finale, examining the magical realism, romance, Yiddish, longing, loss, multiple Shiras, familial mishegas and the “fourth wall”-breaking in between. Don’t just “lie there like a dolphin!” Mix up a mocktail of soda with a little bit of Shabbat grape juice and tune in to this episode of The Vibe of the Tribe podcast to learn everything about “Shtisel” Season 3.

Want to learn more about “Shtisel” from Dr. Weiss? Read “Shtisel’s Ghosts: The Politics of Yiddish in Israeli Popular Culture” and listen to “Jewish History Matters: Ultra-Orthodox Jews on Israeli TV with Shayna Weiss.”


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Produced by Miriam Anzovin and edited by Jesse Ulrich, with music by Ryan J. Sullivan.