During Sukkot, it’s customary to eat stuffed foods. The reasons are vast: to celebrate the bounty of the harvest (Sukkot is, after all, one of Judaism’s harvest holidays), to hope our lives will be filled with blessings, and the act of inviting as many people as possible into the sukkah. Strudel, a stuffed pastry that’s rooted in many countries across Europe, is a natural treat to enjoy that embodies all of these ideas. Here are 11 versions to make for Sukkot!

Honey Apple Strudel

honey-apple-strudel_Jamie Geller
(Photo: Jamie Geller)

Pick your favorite kind of apple, grab some dried fruit and get rolling. Plus there’s no added sugar in this recipe!

Pumpkin Strudel With Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Ale Syrup

Pumpkin-Strudel-with-Pumpkin-Ale-and-Seeds-5_craft beering
(Photo: Craft Beering)

One of the best things about fall is pumpkin beer. Welcome the season with this festive, pumpkin-packed strudel.

Chocolate and Pear Strudel

Pear_Chocolate_Strudel_recipe-1_Nonna Box
(Photo: Nonna Box)

A decadent treat—with hazelnuts! (Read the introduction to this one—it’s very informative about the history of strudel.)

Squash and Apple Strudel With Dried Cranberries

(Photo: Veggie Dessert)

With store-bought phyllo dough, this sweet-and-savory combo takes less than an hour to make.

Cinnamon Roll Strudel

cinnamon roll strudel_wjwe
(Photo: What Jew Wanna Eat)

This is basically a Jewish-holiday-appropriate cinnamon bun.

Plum Strudel

Plum-strudel-3_the lemon apron
(Photo: The Lemon Apron)

A Sukkot staple, plums are such a delicious treat. This plum strudel recipe also calls for cardamom and walnuts.

Purple Cabbage Strudel

purple-cabbage-strudel_Aaron Colussi
(Photo: Aaron Colussi)

Cabbage is another Sukkot staple (really!), especially when it’s stuffed. Take the idea of a stuffed cabbage and turn it inside out!

Mushroom Strudel

mushroom strudel_smitten kitchen
(Photo: Smitten Kitchen)

Smitten Kitchen offers a different, potentially easier way to roll your strudel. Try your hand at this mushroom-and-cheese savory pastry to enjoy as your main course.

Apple, Raspberry, Rose Strudel

apple raspberry rose strudel_jamie geller
(Photo: Jamie Geller)

Wow! Talk about delightful. You can substitute strawberries for raspberries…but why not use both?

Hazelnut Apricot Strudel

Hazelnut Apricot Strudel 2_Taste of Home
(Photo: Taste of Home)

Dried apricots, orange juice, hazelnuts and graham cracker crumbs create a delicious bite.

Caramelized Apple Strudel

(Courtesy Sterling Publishing)
(Courtesy Sterling Publishing)

This parve strudel from Paula Shoyer (aka “The Kosher Baker”) combines sweet Rosh Hashanah wishes with bountiful Sukkot blessings.