Welcome to our community. Anyone seeking a connection to Jewish community, to Jewish learning (Torah), and to God will find a warm, friendly and supportive home here. Congregation Mishkan Tefila (CMT) is an inclusive community, encouraging new members to join with us on their Jewish journeys.

We are a diverse community and count as part of our community people who are Jewish, supportive non-Jewish family and friends, and those working towards becoming Jews-by-choice. Our congregation represents the world in which we live, and we welcome that diversity.

Congregation Mishkan Tefila is the oldest Conservative synagogue in New England. Its growth parallels the remarkable development of the Boston Jewish Community, from a handful of immigrants to a vibrant and responsive component of American society. Through the years, Mishkan Tefila has played an integral role in promoting and strengthening Judaism and in serving as a cohesive force in the community-at-large.

In 2016, Congregation Mishkan Tefila moved and reopened its doors as a pillar of the Campus at 384 Harvard Street in Brookline.

The campus concept foretells a 21st Century model of American Judaism bringing together people and partners to engage their individual and collective Jewish identity through joy and community: Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to live together in unity.

We encourage you to join us. Everyone is welcome to pray and study at CMT and to participate in our communal activities. We are an egalitarian congregation that offers multiple gateways to the Jewish experience.