The Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA) is a national nonprofit devoted to documenting Jewish women’s stories, elevating their voices and inspiring them to be agents of change. JWA’s commitment to history and social change stems from the belief that what we know about our past shapes who we are today and informs the kind of future we believe is possible.

Since its founding in 1995, JWA has built a strong foundation of stories, documents and educational materials that make the Archive the world’s largest and premier source of information on Jewish women’s history. Today, JWA goes beyond providing information to actively engage people in conversation, action and social change—and connect them to their Jewish heritage in ways that are fresh and relevant. In this next chapter of the organization, JWA is focused organizationally on three areas:

  1. Shifting from being a historical resource to a place for active engagement
  2. (Re)committing to JWA’s oral-history expertise, with a renewed emphasis on storytelling and story collecting
  3. Including younger women’s stories and voices in the Archive, and creating genuine and authentic connections between older and younger generations features a wealth of stories, exhibits and resources that highlight the extraordinary achievements of Jewish women, and have shaped a more inclusive Jewish story. In addition to continuing to expand these online resources, JWA actively engages people in Jewish women’s history and contributions in a variety of innovative ways: The Rising Voices Fellowship for teen girls; continuing education for teachers in the Jewish community; the JWA Book Club; public programming that connects young Jewish professionals with strong female mentors; the new JWA podcast, Can We Talk?” and leveraging partnerships to help raise the profile of our work and amplify Jewish women’s voices. The organization has accordingly earned a growing reputation as a dynamic Jewish feminist organization that challenges people of all genders, ages and backgrounds to think about our present and future more expansively and inclusively—and to work for social change.

JWA shares its impact with a variety of constituents around the world through its monthly e-newsletter, online blog, “Jewish Women Amplified,” website and active social media platforms. In addition, we host numerous mission-forward events both locally and nationally.

JWA also strives to include younger womens stories and voices in the Archive, creating genuine and authentic connections between older and younger generations.