We’ve written about where to find Boston’s best bagels at least three times to great community debate—and we love it. We’d like to propose a new idea: Maybe Boston’s best bagels are actually in your kitchen! Here are some unique and fun recipes to try.

Lox and Schmear Stuffed Everything Bagels

(Photo: What Jew Wanna Eat)

Everything you put on an everything bagel…inside the bagel. (Don’t forget to let your dough ferment overnight.)

Blueberry Bagels

(Photo: Bakerita)

These pretty blueberry bagels are topped with cinnamon-sugar and made in less than two hours. 

Jerusalem Bagels

solomonov jerusalem bagel_la boite
(Photo: La Boite)

Unlike the standard “New York” bagel, Jerusalem bagels aren’t boiled—they’re just baked. Tender and fluffy, these bagels from renowned chef Michael Solomonov are slathered in sesame seeds and have a hint of pretzel flavor.

No-Knead Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bagels

No-Knead Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bagels_Simply So Good
(Photo: Simply So Good)

No stress, no significant mess and no sticky hands! Pumpkin purée and pumpkin pie spice make this an easy fall favorite. Plus, you can swap out pecans for chocolate chips if you feel so inclined, but why not use both?

Gluten-Free Bagels

gluten-free-bagels-5a_mama knows gluten free
(Photo: Mama Knows Gluten Free)

Kiss those tiny store-bought, gluten-free bagels goodbye with this versatile recipe! It serves as a base for infinite bagel flavors and also comes with dairy-free and vegan options. They’re so big and chewy you won’t believe they’re gluten-free.

Easy Homemade Pretzel Bagels

Easy-Homemade-Pretzel-Bagels-5_Half-Baked Harvest
(Photo: Half-Baked Harvest)

Who doesn’t love a good pretzel? These pretzel bagels are two of the best carbs combined into one. To make them gluten-free, just use your favorite gluten-free flour blend.

Sweet Potato Pie Montreal Bagels

sweet-potato-pie-bagels-on-cooling-rack_Holly Bon Bagel
(Photo: Holly Bon Bagel)

With maple syrup or honey in the dough and boiled in sweetened water, Montreal bagels are sweeter than New York-style bagels. This variety has a warm flavor profile with roasted sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie spice and a little bit of brown sugar.

Whole Wheat Za’atar Bagels

whole wheat zaatar bagels_Baked
(Photo: Baked)

Another Montreal bagel recipe, this whole wheat version has za’atar kneaded into the dough itself and is topped with sumac and salt for a little extra something.

Keto Mozzarella Dough Bagels

Mozzarella-Dough-Bagels-55_Ditch the Carbs
(Photo: Ditch the Carbs)

This highly-rated dough recipe is made with shredded mozzarella, cream cheese and your choice of almond meal or coconut flour.

Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

cinnamon-raisin-bagels-7_Pies and Tacos
(Photo: Pies and Tacos)

Pull out your quarantine sourdough skills! Made with both whole wheat and all-purpose flours, these tangy cinnamon-raisin bagels are perfectly chewy with the ideal crust.

Gluten-Free Nut Bagels

passover-nut-bagels_jamie geller
(Photo: Jamie Geller)

Almond meal, Greek yogurt, baking powder and salt. That’s it. Four ingredients. Twenty-five minutes. Six healthier bagels.

Mini Pizza Bagels With Sharp Cheddar and Walnut Crumble

cabotcheese_pizzabagels-80_molly yeh
(Photo: my name is yeh)

These homemade bagel bites are topped with the only acceptable form of cheddar cheese (Vermont and extra sharp) and a walnut pesto-like crumble with parsley, garlic and fennel seeds.

Chocolate Bagels With Cookies & Cream Whipped Cream Cheese

Chocolate-Bagels-with-Cookies-and-Cream-Whipped-Cream-Cheese-2_One Sweet Mess
(Photo: One Sweet Mess)

For the dessert fiend in all of us, few things are better than cookies and cream. Making these chocolate bagels and accompanying fluffy cookies-and-cream cream cheese is a no-brainer.