Don’t feel like baking this year? Check out the tri-cornered pockets of goodness from these hot spots.

Blacker’s Bakeshop

A perennial favorite, Blacker’s Bakeshop in Newton sells plenty of flavors: chocolate, poppy, prune, raspberry, apricot and lemon. Plus, it’s kosher.

Butternut Bakehouse

This adorable hideout in Arlington Center, run by Suzana Samad, an alum of hot spots like No. 9 Park and Rialto, offers a variety of hamantaschen made fresh daily: chocolate, poppy seed, raspberry, brown sugar cinnamon and strawberry.

Hummus v’Hummus

Avi Shemtov will serve hamantaschen at his Chestnut Hill and Sharon locations alongside his signature hummus bowls.

Kupel’s Bakery

Well-priced at a mere $1.99 per treat, Kupel’s in Brookline also offers a wealth of flavors: apricot, apple, blueberry, chocolate, poppy seed, prune, raspberry and strawberry.

The Inn at Hastings Park

Trisha Pérez Kennealy’s cozy inn in Lexington will have hamantaschen available starting this weekend! Enjoy them during high tea on Saturday, brunch on Sunday and at the Inn’s bar on Monday and Tuesday. If you fancy a tryst, they’ll also be left in rooms after turndown and given as a takeaway upon check-out.


Everyone’s favorite local Jewish deli, with locations in Boston, Brookline and Cambridge, offers boxes in all-new flavors: black-and-white poppy seed, chocolate tahini and sour cherry.

Michael’s Deli

In Brookline, owner Steven Peljovich plans a mix of guava, Nutella, strawberry and chocolate—a classic assortment.

New England Soup Factory

Owner Marjorie Druker is making a limited number of treats at her Newton shop using her signature dough seasoned with vanilla and tangerine. She’s making sugarplum prune, poppy seed, cherry and apricot.


Chef Sarah Wade will serve traditional poppy seed, apricot jam, strawberry rhubarb, caramel apple and Nutella chocolate chip at her just-off-Chinatown comfort food hangout.


OK, so the hotly anticipated Jewish tavern in Inman Square isn’t opening until after Purim (mid-March, we’re told). That said: When they do, they’ll serve a hamantaschen-inspired cocktail on their opening menu. It’s a mix of gin, poppy, apricot, lemon, cardamom and egg white.

Other tried-and-true options:

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