Me’ah Online: Journey Through the Bible

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Journey Through the Bible: The Next Best Thing to Time Travel

You may have a copy of the Bible on your bookshelf, but do you know what this important book says? Join others on a captivating journey through the Hebrew Bible, a complex compilation of fascinating material that reflects ancient beliefs, desires, and norms.

You will be part of an online community of approximately 25 participants who will explore:

  • The Hebrew Bible in its earliest contexts
  • How the Bible became the Bible
  • Biblical Law-what is it?
  • The influence of the narrative structure on meaning for the Bible
  • The diverse character of God in the Bible
  • The difference between what the Bible says and what it means
  • Exploring how we might use the Bible for understanding the development of Jewish ideas and practices

·        Class lectures are led by renowned Bible scholar Marc Brettler, a master educator and teacher who has designed fascinating lectures, created a library of recommended readings, and created thought-provoking questions to ponder throughout the class. Stimulating online discussions on our learning management system platform will enrich your experience.

·        This asynchronous class allows you to learn at your own pace, and at a convenient time and place. Our distance-learning platform will enable you to access lectures- approximately 1 hour per session, divided into 5 to 10-minute segments-via your tablet or laptop.

·        This single-term class is offered by Me’ah (Hebrew for 100), a journey through the narrative of the Jewish people, a program that has educated thousands of adult learners throughout the Boston area and beyond. We invite you to join our learning community!

For more information contact Sara Brown: or 617-559-8708

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