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Comix, Jews ‘n Art? Dun’t Esk: A Conversation with Art Spiegelman

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Art Spiegelman (Courtesy photo)
Art Spiegelman (Courtesy photo)

Art Spiegelman has almost singlehandedly brought comic books out of the toy closet and onto the literature shelves. In 1992, he won the Pulitzer Prize for his masterful Holocaust narrative “Maus,” which portrayed Jews as mice and Nazis as cats. “Maus II” continued the remarkable story of his parents’ survival of the Nazi regime and their lives later in America. His comics are best known for their shifting graphic styles, their formal complexity, and controversial content.

Spiegelman takes his audience on a chronological tour of the evolution of comics, all the while explaining the value of this medium and why it should not be ignored. He believes that in our post-literate culture the importance of the comic is on the rise, for “comics echo the way the brain works. People think in iconographic images, not in holograms, and people think in bursts of language, not in paragraphs.”

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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