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Me’ah Select at the Temple Elohim is an opportunity to enroll in a 12-session class focused on particular themes, texts and personalities in history.
Temple Beth Elohim
Wednesdays, 7- 9:00 p.m., beginning October21, 2015
For Temple Beth Elohim members members:
$290 per semester
$550 if register for both semesters simultaneously
$260 per semester or $500 if register for both semesters simultaneously
$360 per semester
$650 if register for both semesters simultaneously
Fall Course: Mother Dearest: Countercultural Images of Motherhood in the Bible
Instructor: Lynne Heller, Ph.D
Course Description: Vulnerable or valiant? Explore the ironic reversals of motherhood, as the most unlikely figures are paired in biblical narratives and in the Apocrypha. Often breaking the law as keepers of the covenant, mothers kill with kindness and non-mothers embrace with conventional maternal mercy and wisdom. Mighty warriors are stripped of power, while embattled and fallen heroes regain stature, all in the context of the paradox of power that frames motherhood. We shall read the biblical text against the grain, discovering hidden nuances in the Hebrew (which the instructor will point out and explain). Medieval and modern commentaries, rabbinic midrash, and Western art will unlock meaning in the text. Please bring a Tanakh. (Knowledge of Hebrew is NOT a prerequisite.)
Winter/Spring Course: Muslim and Jewish Stories on Biblical Narratives
Instructor: Shari Lowin, Ph.D
Course Description: As brother religions vying for the same sacred history, Islam and Judaism trace the genesis of their spiritual and biological communities back to the very same founding parents. Yet Islam is not Judaism, Muslims are not Jews, and vice versa. Rather, the two traditions are, and understand themselves to be, distinct entities with distinct value systems. By comparing the Jewish and Muslim accounts of the shared Biblical ancestors, as well the often colorful exegesis on these narratives, this course will investigate various matters of moral and ethical concern to these communities and the lessons thereby imparted by each tradition. Click here to register for this course.
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Event Location: Temple Beth Elohim
10 Bethel Road, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, 02481

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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$290.00 Per semester for TBE members
$550.00 For both semesters for TBE members
$360.00 Per semester (nonmembers)
$650.00 For both semesters (nonmembers)

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